Value Business Services

Improving your success in sales, marketing and business in a sustainable manner is what we at Value Business Academy are here for. Helping you become (even more) successful is our mission and the purpose of the services that we provide.

To help you improve your sales, business and customer relationship management, we combine best practices from various industries with proven models and theories from scientific sales, marketing and business research. By doing so, we 'reveal' many of the secrets of the most successful businesses. In our trainings you get priority access to these secrets – often years before business consultants adopt the models and start commercializing them.

Our services are a unique blend of best practices and proven models based on scientific research. Services that we offer to improve your business include:

  • Customer Value Focus

    Learn how to understand, co-develop and deliver value to your customers. This will help you reframe your business to fit you customers’ world views.  Mastering this is the basis for building a successful business.

  • The Basics of Professional Selling

    Learn the basic skills of professional selling. You will learn what is needed for you to become a professional salesperson. Mastering this is a basic requirement for any salesperson – regardless if you are in B2C or B2B sales.

  • Value-Based Selling

    Learn the fundamentals of value-based selling (VBS). This will help you understand what VBS is, how and when to use it. Mastering this helps you make your customers want to buy from you.

  • Value Sales Management

    Learn the fundamentals of vales sales management. This teaches you how to successfully build and manage a customer value focused sales force. Mastering this makes sales force management more effective and improves revenues.

  • Incentivizing the Sales Force

    Learn how you successfully incentivize your sales team. This familiarizes you with best practices and proven models for sales force incentives. Mastering this improves the performance of the sales force.

  • Value-Based Pricing

    Learn how to price your offerings based on their value for the customer. This teaches you how to avoid price competition. Mastering this results in being able to charge higher prices.

  • Sales & Marketing Collaboration

    Learn how you end the “war” between your sales and marketing departments. This teaches you ways and provides practical tools to improve the collaboration between sales and marketing. Mastering this results in fewer go-to market failures and improves profitability.

  • Leading Internal Collaboration

    Learn how you build, lead and improve company-internal cooperation. This teaches you ways to and provides tools for how to lead the cooperation in your organization. Mastering this is what makes companies leaders in their industries.

  • Optimizing Internal Collaboration

    Learn how you optimize company-internal strategic cooperation. This teaches you how to optimize collaboration across key functions. Mastering this is required for you to continuously manage a true value-focused organization.

  • Contract Negotiation Skills

    Learn how you successfully negotiate agreements. This teaches you powerful negotiation tactics, when to give and pull, and how to close successfully. Mastering this helps you achieve win-win agreements with the buyer.

  • Recruiting Salespersons

    Learn how to recruit salespersons to your value sales team. This helps you to identify and recruit top value salespersons. Mastering this helps you to build your ‘dream team’.

Above is a selection of our popular trainings and courses. Can't find what you are looking for? Contact us and let us know what you are looking for. We realize that your situation is unique. The above programs focus on common challenges that different companies – across various industries – struggle with.

Choose Between Online and In-Company Training Programs

To cater for the needs of you and others, we provide both online trainings and customized live in-company trainings:

Online training programs

Our online training programs focus on the most common challenges and problems that we see companies need help with. These trainings are based on best practices and proven models. By opting for our online trainings, you are likely to learn up to 90% of what is required for you to substantially improve your situation in that area. This is a very cost-efficient way for you to improve your sales, marketing, business and customer relationship management competences.  

Customized in-company trainings

Should you prefer an in-company sales and marketing training or workshop that is fully tailored to your needs and dreams, then we recommend that you opt for our customized trainings and workshops. All of our in-company workshops are customized to fit your situation, needs and dreams. Contact us to discuss your needs and we will structure and deliver a training or workshop that focuses especially on improving your sales & marketing and customer relationship management.