The 14 Steps to Successful Selling: Learn How to Make Your Customers Love to Buy from You

The Secrets that Professional Salespersons Use to Create Sales are soon available as an Online Sales Training for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs. Provided to you by Dr. Paul Viio.

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Do you find it difficult to sell and get your customers to buy from you? Do you have great products and services, but are not generating enough revenue? Do you feel uncomfortable having to sell?

If yes, then you will appreciate the soon to be launched The 14 Steps to Successful Selling™ online course.

In this exclusive sales course, you will learn step-by-step...

  • How to prepare yourself for selling.
  • What customers really want and need.
  • How to sell to customers with confidence.
  • How to deal with different customers.
  • How to professionally close the sale.
  • How to get the customer to want to come back.

The 14 Steps to Successful Selling™ online course provides you both the answers and tools to make you feel comfortable about selling and managing your customer relationships. The course is based on best-practices and latest research. It teaches selling in a simple yet effective way, step-by-step.

After the course you will know how to sell your products and services to your customers in a way that makes them want to come back (and spread positive word of mouth about you).

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The online course The 14 Steps to Successful Selling™ is created for small businesses and entrepreneurs in particular, i.e. for you who want to learn the secrets of professional selling exercised by the most successful salespersons and organizations that pay tens of thousands for sales trainings. The course gives you priority access to those often well-hidden secrets at a fraction of the price. And, you can attend the course from wherever you are, 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I learn how to sell my products and services?

Yes, you will learn the basics of successful personal selling which apply to most industries. The focus of this course is to provide you the needed knowledge, tools and inspiration to become more successful in selling and managing customer relationships.

Does the course focus on personal selling or will also online selling be covered?

This course focuses on personal selling, i.e. person-to-person selling. If you run a a small business are an entrepreneur or work as a salesperson, you will find this course useful in helping you understand the steps of professional selling and applying those steps and principles in your sales work. Although this course is not focusing on online selling per se, many of the princpiles that are covered in it can also help you improve your online selling.

Is this online sales course only for small businesses?

The course is mainly targeted at small businesses that do not have the need or resources for in-company trainings that cost tens of thousands to arrange. It it worth noting, however, that also salespersons from large enterprises will benefit from this course.

How does this online course differ from live in-company trainings?

The same main principles and steps that are covered in the course apply to B2B selling of complex solutions. Dr. Paul Viio regularly trains executives in large corporations, thereby relying on the same principles as presented in this course. The main differences include that the online training is available 24/7 and can be taken from anywhere.

How does this online sales course differ from the ones out there?

There are many good sales courses and skilled trainers in the world. As opposed to helping how to make a quick sell, this course focuses on the fundamental steps of how to successfully sell and manage customer relationships in a way that makes your customers want to return. This course is not about a quick-fix, but rather focuses on building sales in a sustainable manner.

Why is the number of participants in the course restricted?

The number of participants per course will be kept fairly low to ensure a high quality of the program. The aim is not to have as many participants as possible, but to provide you as good a service as possible.

Is this course for salespersons or also for those who manage a salesforce?

The course is primarily aimed at persons who are expected to or need to sell. You might be an entrepreneur or a person running a small business who wants and needs to learn how to become better at selling and managing customer relationships. Also if you work as salespersons in a larger organization, you will benefit from this course. If you are a sales director or someone who manages sales teams or a larger salesforce, you are welcome to join, but you might want also to stay tuned for our upcoming online sales management trainings or contact us for live trainings.

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