About Us

The Value Business Academy was established by Dr. Paul Viio and Dr. Avinash Malshe to help you and other business persons and entrepreneurs. Value Business Academy helps you develop your sales and marketing skills and customer relationship management competences, which are needed in today's competitive business environment. The trainings provided are a mix of best-practices from businesses and models, which are scientifically proven.

For you to be able to develop your skills and competences flexibly and at your own pace, Value Business Academy provides premium online training programs for persons at different skill levels. Additionally, Paul and Avinash arrange live workshops and give in-company trainings across the globe.

Dr. Paul Viio

Paul has considerable experience from conducting, planning and managing B2B sales internationally. Today he divides his time between working as an advisor, executive trainer and consultant to companies globally and working as a sales professor conducting scientific research and teaching students in sales. Paul is a co-founder of the Value Business Academy. For more about Paul, click here.

Dr Avinash MalsheDr. Avinash Malshe

Avinash has several years of experience from marketing in the pharmaceutical business and healthcare industry. When he is not busy training companies or giving speeches, he focuses on his work as professor of marketing, which involves teaching executive MBA students and conducting cutting-edge research. Avinash is a co-founder of the Value Business Academy. For more about Avinash, click here.